System and fee

No registration fees, no textbook fees.
We basicall offer two kinds of lessons; online and phisical.

[Lesson fee]
  • Trial lesson (30min, online): Free
  • Trial lesson (60min, phisical): 1,100 JPY including tax
  • Regular lesson (60min, online): 5,500 JPY including tax
  • Regular lesson (60min, phisical): 6,600 JPY including tax
*Basically we are offering guitar/bass/piano lessons at instructor'splaces without any extra charge. If you wish to take lessons in a rehearsal room (e.g. drums lessons) we need to ask you to book a rehearsal room outside the school by yourself. (Many studios offer "practice time" about 1,200-1,300 JPY/60min. For more details please feel free to ask us any questions. )

*We are offering lessons for kids and group lessons as well. Please feel free to ask about more details.

[Lesson at your place (Including a case of trial lesson)]
*Some instructors offer lessons outside their places, or we are able to dispatch instructors to the place you specify. (at your home, rehearsal studios, etc.) In these cases we'd like to ask students to bear instructor's transportation expencse.

*If it takes more than about 40 min from instructor's place to the lesson place, in addition to the lesson fee and transportation expense for the instructor, we'd like to ask you to bear instructor's travel fee. (1,100 JPY fixed, including tax)

For example,

Lesson fee: 5,000 JPY
Travel fee: 1,000 JPY
Round trip cost: x JPY
Total: 6,000 + x JPY

Also, in case a student wishes to take a lesson in a rehearsal studio, basically he or she needs to book the studio by themselves. (If you are not sure what to do please ask us. )

 [Cancelation policies]

- In case you wish to cancel the lesson, 40% of the lesson fee should be paid by the student after 4 days before, and 100% on the day. This is because we need to cancel other jobs to make a space for your lesson. We appreciate your understandings.

- If the schedule between you and the instructor meets at the same day, you are able to change the lesson time.

- In case a student has to cancel a lesson at a rehearsal studio on student's reason, the student will pay the cancelation fee to the rehearsal studio.